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Underwater Puppetry by Faith Belt

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Ghost Lion: A spectral lion expresses his torment, grief, and aggression, haunting a strange, otherworldly savannah.

Ghost Lion comes from a video series of early experiments, or "movements", with underwater puppetry. Water makes materials move with a new gravity and a slowness that can easily and instantly transport a viewer into a different world. Character sculpting, material choices, lighting, sound, and cinematography build that world and completely immerses the viewer - including the puppeteer herself - into it.

Ira's Dreams: Ira, a young runaway prince, is attacked by night terrors. He awakes suddenly and begins to weep because of his helpless circumstance. A far away shepherdess hears his cries and accepts the call to see him out.

Ira's Dreams is an early sketch of a scene from Ira the Boy King, a tale that explores blame, doom, running from responsibility, and redemption. This video was created to get to now the character Ira better as his story continues to develop outside the water.

Art by Faith Belt