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Phoenix is a student-run campus publication dedicated to the artistic expression of students, faculty, and alumni. Now celebrating over 60 years in publication, the magazine is known as a home for student artistry at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. The Phoenix staff has always sought to provide students with a platform to speak truth to power and share their own stories through art.
In the past, Phoenix has housed the works of Cormac McCarthy, Bennet LeMaster, and Dr. Marilyn Kallet.

Meet the Staff

diana dalton

Diana Dalton


Diana Dalton is a senior studying Cinema, Journalism, and Studio Art. She enjoys memoirs, citrus fruit, and finding art in the mundane. She means well, and is easily distracted.

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Maggie Meystrik

Lead Designer

Maggie Meystrik is a senior studying graphic design & sustainability. One day, she'd love to design for museum exhibition spaces. For now, she's happy to quietly walk through them.

madisun richardson

Madisun Richardson

Social Media

Madisun Richardson is a senior studying Journalism,
Ad-PR, and Africana studies. She believes it is necessary to have a veggie with every meal and enjoys planning her Letterboxd rating mid movie-watch.

lidia biggs

Lidia Biggs

Support Staff

Lidia Biggs is a junior studying English and Cinema. She loves
reading romance novels and rating every movie she watches as five stars on Letterboxd.

maxwell edmonds

Maxwell Edmonds

Art Editor

Maxwell Edmonds is working towards a BFA in two dimensional arts with a concentration in painting. He is so excited to be a part of the Phoenix and loves cats.

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Adin Lamb

Poetry Editor


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Carrie Cheng

Copy Editor

Carrie Cheng is a sophomore studying English with a
concentration in Creative Writing. She enjoys helping others, writing, and finding excitement in the little things in life.


Abby-Noelle Potter

Prose Editor

Abby-Noelle is a junior double majoring in English and Theatre. While aspiring to be a creative writer, she also has interests in sustainable fashion and photography. You can usually find her at Hodges Library reading and eating a blueberry scone.


Raina Watson

Community Engagement

Raina is a senior studying Elementary Education. She loves sustainable fashion, listening to music, and forcing everyone in her life to watch her favorite shows.

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Bre Lillie, MFA

Faculty Advisor


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