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Phoenix is a student-run campus publication dedicated to the artistic expression of students, faculty, and alumni.  Since its first issue in 1959, Phoenix has given students a platform to share art that displays personal emotion, universal themes, and cultural tensions.
In the past, Phoenix has housed the works of Cormac McCarthy, Bennet LeMaster, and Dr. Marilyn Kallet.

Meet the Editors


Peyton Whorley


Peyton Whorley is a fourth year student at the University of Tennessee. She is double-majoring in English with a concentration in Rhetoric and Writing and Political Science with a concentration in International Relations. She is also minoring in Hispanic Studies. She is particularly interested in literature with emphasis in political and social commentary and studies the rhetoric of political discourse.

Peyton is a proud dog-mom of one very mischevious pupper, Ranger, and can often be found hiking with him in State Parks. She also enjoys traveling and laughing obnoxiously loud.

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"Caminante, no hay camino. Se hace camino al andar."

-Antonio Machado

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Collin Green

Prose Editor

Collin Green is a fourth year student at the University of Tennessee. He is currently double-majoring in English, with a concentration of Rhetoric and Writing, and Journalism & Electronic Media. A student of media and discourse, Collin loves engaging in conversation regarding contemporary issues like politics, religion, and Star Trek. This is his first year as Prose Editor at the Phoenix.

Monica Brashears

Poetry Editor

Monica Brashears is a senior at the University of Tennessee. She is double-majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing  and Africana Studies. Her literary diet consists of Black Literature with a pinch of Southern Folklore. She is also the president of the Africana Studies Student Association and a recipient of the Robert A. Burke Award for fiction. She gets down to any music with flavor and really enjoys the company of cats. Some of Monica’s favorite things are as follows: fresh popcorn, full moons, and vanilla perfume.


Lukas McCrary

Lead Designer

Lukas McCrary is currently working on his undergraduate degree at the University of Tennessee. He performs on an improv-comedy team that puts on shows every month. Lukas designs posters for events around Knoxville and logos for podcasts and sketch shows. His work has been featured in galleries, magazines, and on street poles. Once, Lukas threw up two corn-dogs at a county fair. He hopes to continue designing for fun events and art magazines after graduation.

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